Pain Management

Having an ongoing injury or chronic pain is debilitating. We commonly see people with chronic pain struggle to get out of the negative cycle of drug management and being sedentary. Whether it’s your hips, back, knees, neck or a combination of these problems impacting your quality of life, we are committed to helping you get your body back in balance.

Our Services

At Radius we believe in order to break the cycle and begin the process of resolving your injuries and pain is to firstly get an accurate assessment of what your body needs to heal. This may include the need initially for remedial massage therapy and then an individualised plan for you to implement with a home based practice that puts you in the drivers seat of your healing journey.

At Radius we are focused on helping our clients get to optimal musculoskeletal health. By performing a postural/movement analysis we are able to understand how your body is currently functioning and this helps us know what to do to help you get back to balance.

Conditions we treat


Chronic Pain


Nerve Pain


Hip Pain


Back Pain


Knee Pain


Neck Pain

Meet our practitioners who treat Pain Management

Susan Hunter

Carolyn Howard

 About Your Appointment

We love the phrase ‘knowledge is power’. It illustrates our entire approach to healthcare. When you have a detailed understanding of your situation, you are empowered to make the decisions necessary to resolve your health issues. The more knowledge we have as your practitioner, the better we are at uncovering the root causes of your illness and devising the right treatment for it.

We obtain that information from various sources. We compile it during our consultations by assessing your case and family history, and by analysing your signs and symptoms. We also use scientifically-rigorous testing and will consult the medical literature relevant to your case.

While every client has individual needs, we have a list of guiding principles that underpin our practice. These are:


Invite you into the process


Use high-quality testing for accurate results


Understand your medical history


Plain English explanations of diagnosis


Detailed explanation of treatment plan

Better Health Care is Our Mission

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