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Hi I’m Bec Stone. I’m a clinical nutritionist and I’m passionate about helping women and couples prepare their bodies for conception. I help them understand the critical nutrients needed in the preconception stage to support optimal egg and sperm health for successful pregnancy outcomes.

Preconception nutrition can have a huge impact on the quality and health of the female egg that is released for fertilisation as well as improving the quality of the male’s sperm that fertilises the egg.

Nutrition for pregnancy success

Did you know a female egg takes 3 months to fully develop before it is released and the male’s sperm takes about 74 days to be developed? That’s why the nutrition of both individuals in the 3-4 months before conception can have a huge impact on the quality of both egg and sperm health and a couple’s fertility success rates.

Hormone Harmony


I also work with women to help them achieve optimal progesterone levels for pregnancy. Progesterone is a female hormone that is vital for helping a woman stay pregnant once fertilisation of the egg has occurred, and unfortunately, I see too many women in clinic who don’t have enough progesterone to help a pregnancy be viable.

Another common thing I see is couples trying to get pregnant outside their fertile window. Most females are not 100% sure where their fertile window is each month. We are taught very basic information about our menstrual cycle and most women assume they ovulate and are fertile on day 14 of their cycle. This is actually only true for a small percentage of women.

Most woman will ovulate and be fertile either before or after day 14 in their cycle. I am therefor really passionate about helping women understand their exact menstrual cycle by teaching them how to track what stages of their cycle they are in and to help them identify what body signs too look out for such as a temperature rise and fertile cervical mucus, to help them know that they are in their fertile window.

If you are looking for more guidance with your fertility journey book an appointment with me and we will cover all of this and more.

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An excellent starting point when it comes to preconception nutrition is focus on eating more of the foods that are packed with vitamins and minerals that support healthy progesterone production in the lutral phase of the menstrual cycle.

Download our Radius Health Luteal Phase Recipe Book here

If you’d like more ideas of great foods to be adding into your diet to help with your egg or sperm health and preconception needs, or you’d like to understand more about tracking your menstrual cycle to work out your fertile days, book an initial nutrition appointment here.

I would love to help you on this exciting pre-conception journey.

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