Georgie Stephen

Remedial Massage therapist and Somatic Therapist
Principle trainer in the Traditional Pilates Method
Personal trainer, Yin Yoga Instructor and Chi Running/Walking Instructor
Current First Aid Qualification

Carolyn Howard

Functional Movement Therapist and Remedial Massage Therapist

Carolyn draws on 25+ years of experience across a range of complementary disciplines to provide an integrated and holistic approach to help people move better and stay active.

Carolyn assists people with rehabilitation and recovery from injury, using a combination of functional movement practices, somatic stress release and massage therapy, tailored to each client’s individual needs.

Through massage Carolyn is able to identify and assess areas of tension and muscular weakness in the body and treats the soft tissues and joints to provide relief from pain and stiffness, promote relaxation and improve circulation. Each massage is tailored to the client’s needs and physical condition and may draw on a range of modalities.

Carolyn is also passionate about helping people who have lost their ‘mojo’ for healthy movement and don’t know where to start – reintroducing them to the positive effects of massage and movement and helping them build new habits and pathways to a more active life.

Carolyn has run gyms and pilates studios and is a qualified teacher trainer. She is also one of a handful of Chi Running instructors – a form of running/walking influenced by Tai Chi principles that greatly reduces injury risk.

She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and educating people about their bodies to help them move better and live more energetically for longer and without pain.

Carolyn provides support for:


      • Reducing pain and muscle soreness.
        Relaxation and stress relief.
      • Improving circulation, energy levels and range of movement.
      • Building strength, fitness and resilience in the body.
      • Rehabilitation and recovery from injury and reducing injury risk
      • People returning gradually to activity and movement, boosting mental health and wellness.
      • Motivating and building confidence to develop healthy movement practices.

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